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The partnership with The Feed is all about equipping you with the right nutrition and knowledge to help you run your best race. The Feed is offering $20 and a custom water bottle to spend on your sports nutrition. The Feed has curated a custom Boulderthon Training Pack, ensuring you can sample on-course nutrition before race day, plus a delightful breakfast shake for those seeking a nutritious pre-race breakfast. 

The Feed is an online marketplace tailored for athletes like you, offering an extensive selection of 250+ top-notch brands specializing in gels, chews, hydration, and high-performance supplements. The Feed empowers you to customize your nutrition plan by providing the flexibility to purchase individual servings. Say goodbye to committing to an entire box of gels—now you can choose the flavors you love and explore new options hassle-free.

The Feed's experienced nutrition coaches are at your service to optimize your fueling strategy. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a first-time participant, their expertise is available for free to help you achieve peak performance on both training days and race day.

Claim your $20 and custom water bottle and shop for your exclusive nutrition pack to kick off your training the right way.

Image of the Boulderthon Training Pack from The Feed

Products On Course


SIS Sis Isotonic Gels - Tutti Frutti, Pineapple, Apple, Cherry, Lemon Lime

SiS Beta Fuel Gels - Neutral + Strawberry and Lime

Enervit C2:1 PRO Carbo Gel - Orange

Powerbar Powergel Shots - Cola & Raspberry

6D Sports Nutrition Ultra Gel - Peach & Blackcurrant


Mortal Hydration - Mango